I love(d) you.  And you never even cared.  Did you?  You were too busy being with her in your head.  I asked you what would happen if she told you to come back, and you said you wouldn’t go.  Why did you lie?  I gave you a way out.  Instead, you continued on, like you actually cared.  I write to you. For you. And no ink, no thoughts, nothing, has gone towards me. What have you done to me?

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To: Joseph

To: Joseph

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I’m reading through my old letters to Jude:

And God I can see how much I loved him, just in the way I wrote to him, and about him.

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Remember when you said that everyone leaves you? Here I am. Where are you?

You left me.  I didn’t need just a friend, I needed you.  You left like everyone else.  To think I believed it would be different because we shared the same fears. 

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My ribs and my forearm. 
I think they are beautiful.  

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I used to cut

because I felt I needed to be punished.

Now I do it to feel beautiful. 

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